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The show is currently on hiatus, but production on a new season is slated to begin in October.If you have not been watching All My Children online or have missed some episodes, you can use this time to get caught up.They were at a get-together at a Malibu beach house that good friend Cheryl Burke had rented for a party with friends.Kelly and Cheryl have become good friends ever since the It is true that many other people were hanging out together.Chloe became unhinged after losing her only child Delia, and recently kidnapped Adam and Chelsea’s son Connor and jetted off to Paris with him.Chelsea and Victor rescued Connor and they all returned to Genoa City, however Chloe still found herself in hot water with the police for the kidnapping, and she was recently whisked off to a mental hospital.Kelly was seen in her bikini playing ball with some other friends as well.However, she was much cozier with Billy than with anyone else.

Not long afterward came another blow for poor Lily - due to the intervention of a consultant, Lily was dropped from the Restless Style magazine/webzine cover in favor a more well-known model.

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Chloe needed a place to live, so moved in with Devon and Lily.

Then overcrowded with Chloe and her unusual collection of stuff, plus worried about Lily's emotional state, Cane asked Lily to move in with him, but Lily turned him down.