Calendar in outlook 2016 not updating

(And I'm purposefully calling it the source folder, because this inability to delete email in Outlook 2016 bug isn't limited to the Inbox).Thanks for posting this, but I don't think it's a viable solution to the bug.

calendar in outlook 2016 not updating-78

You can automatically feed your events into your Outlook calendar.To get there to make the setting change: I've been experiencing the "can't delete IMAPS email" but you describe.When I select the "Mark items for deletion..." checkbox (and leave the "Purge items when..." checkbox selected), email is indeed deleted. When the "Mark items for deletion..." checkbox is left unchecked, the email is moved to the Deleted folder, but it isn't deleted from the source folder.While Share Point doesn’t have an easy way to connect your existing Outlook calendar, there is a way to get the same end result accomplished with a few steps.Step 1: Connect your Share Point calendar to outlook by going to your calendar, and clicking on the Connect to Outlook button under the Calendar Tools Calendar tab.