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Studying the Persian Studies master’s specialisation at Leiden University is stepping into a distinguished academic tradition in the study of Iranian languages and cultures.

Classical and modern Persian literature have been studied here since the university’s foundation in the sixteenth century, which has led to such masterpieces as Saadi’s .

"There are many people who are single, and when that happens it means no families and no children," he said.“This is not a dating website,” Mr. "Intermediaries and people who are trusted by people and families" are going to do the matchmaking, reported the Iranian Student News agency, ISNA.

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In this specialisation you will approach Persian culture explicitly as a supra-national rather than a national phenomenon.

We first moved to Denver; then to New Mexico, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

I then went to Boston for college and subsequently to Minneapolis for my first job out of college.

The Iranian general further referred to numerous lawsuits filed against such websites in the past, adding that many people have sued these websites for defamation.

He said these websites claim that they are trying to solve the country’s marriage problem, while they just think about making profit, and do not care about their users’ honour.