Gac liquidating trust

GAC Auditors Ltd provides advice on the appropriateness and application of accounting principles and policies for any particular business situation based in Cyprus.

We can also provide advice on specific industry practices and procedures as well as developing accounting procedures and management reports all over Cyprus and abroad.

GAC Auditors Ltd provide auditing and business advisory services to a varied range of companies and business organizations all over Cyprus and abroad.

One of our company’s core practice area is the statutory annual audit required by offshore companies, investment and tax laws.

Be sure to verify acceptance with all of the intended users before ordering this type of report. has years of experience appraising tangible personal property for the definitions of value identified.Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, commonly referred to as USPAP, can be considered the quality control standards applicable for personal property (machinery and equipment), real property and intangible asset appraisers performing a valuation service.When appraisers comply with USPAP the client and intended users have a reason to put their faith in the machinery and equipment appraiser’s opinions, analyses and conclusions and to believe that the appraisal is worthy of belief.JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Defendant. Counterclaim defendant and former plaintiff Chase Manhattan Bank, N. ("Chase") was a Trustee for the Sperry Rand Master Retirement Trust No. Chase, Harris Trust, and BONY are hereafter referred to collectively as the "Trustee." The Sperry Rand Master Retirement Trust No. Hancock had the sole authority and discretion, with respect to its General Account, to set and execute investment policy and to allocate investment income, capital gains and losses, and expenses to particular lines of business, classes of contracts, and particular contracts. It contends that it clearly was not a fiduciary when it negotiated and entered into GAC 50, that it is not (and has not been) a fiduciary with respect to the fixed terms of the contract, and that it therefore could not have violated ERISA when it "ultimately elected to adhere to the terms of the contract and refused to alter it[]." (Hancock Post-Trial Br. GAC 50 gave Hancock extraordinary control — and discretion — over the investment of free funds, the allocation of investment income and expenses, and the release of excess funds. John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, Third-Party Plaintiff, v. A., Counterclaim Defendant, and Sperry Corporation and the Retirement Committee of Sperry Corporation, Third-Party Defendants. In this case, the current and former trustees and sponsors of an employee retirement plan contend that defendant and third-party plaintiff John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. 2 and its successor, the Unisys Master Trust, are hereafter referred to as the "Trust." Third-party defendant Sperry Corporation is a successor to Sperry Rand Corporation. Participation could be "dividend-rated" or "direct-rated." For dividend-rated contracts, investment income attributable to the contract, to the extent it was more favorable than interest assumptions incorporated into the contract, was distributed to the contract, in whole or in part, in the form of dividends. But the point is that these were discretionary matters, and Hancock was required by ERISA to exercise its discretion in accordance with its fiduciary obligations.