Google latitude friends not updating

It tracked your location and helped to stay connected with your close friends.

It was an easy, fast and reliable way to see your family, children, friends without any additional efforts.

If your distance is not being tracked, it is probably due to a GPS problem.

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It became more convenient and useful tool than an old one. To make it really easy to start we use the anonymous windows live id account to authenticate you, that is why no need to enter a username/password in order to start using the application.

Geofence alerts from Find My Friends won't be delivered to friends who follow your device, and your device won't appear on your friend's device. You should force the Find My Friends app to close only if it's unresponsive.

Find My Friends can send your current location to friends even when the app is in the background.

We do plan to add the option to disable GPS for these sports in the future. After you have drawn your workout, you can enter details such as sport, time and notes.

Using this method, you will unfortunately not get lap times, but the workout will be included in your statistics and any challenges you might be participating in.