Judge alex kozinski dating game

Should appeals court judges give up their rights to participate in litigation that directly affects them?

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Alex Kozinski: Yes, when the president is a litigant I think it’s wise for him not to comment on the judges. Alex Kozinski: If they’re both in the same hands it means that the country, the people, want to move in that direction. For the entirety of my tenure, it has been absolutely vacant. On my way to the snack room, I noticed, for the first time, a post-marked envelope in my box. Judge Beverly O'Connell recused herself late last month, noting that, "if the court were to disapprove the settlement, a reasonable person might question whether the court's actions were a result of the objector's participation in the lawsuit." Seriously though, what's the solution? Judge Harry Pregerson dropped the case because he is friends with Kozinski and had discussed the Leaf's battery issues with him previously.He’s up against William Hurt as the arch villain Donald Cooperman and name partner at Mc Bride’s former firm.Cooperman, who is Mc Bride’s opposition in a mysterious wrongful death suit, sits in a darkened room incessantly clicking a small hand clicker reprising the way Humphrey Bogart toyed with steel balls as Commander Queeg in The Caine Mutiny.