Updating supreme commander oracle triggers when updating

All other mods can be found in the mod vault, and can be used according to preference.Some good UI mods for beginners include: "Notify Enhanced", "Colored allies in score", "UI Mass Fab Manager" They provide some extra information and don't impact gameplay much.

This patch includes memory allocator bug fixes, seraphim ACU overcharge reload time fix and misc air unit changes (all factions).(it doesn't update at all or it gives you an insufficient-storage-space error message even though you have enough storage space) then you could try to run in one of your Sup Com folders.And/or try doing this._________________________________________________________________________ we'll try to update this thread as soon as possible if a new patch has been released. A Full Patch isn't always available (right away) but the best thing is to get from retail to latest version as fast as possible, patching a Sup Com game can take a while.Remark 2: It's maybe best to save these patches first to a seperate location on your hard disk (and open them afterwards there) instead of opening them right away after the download is complete.