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Cue the trash bags, Shake Weight, and practice-orgasm sounds.

Everything goes to shit when Jessie brings Cole home to a full-blown welcome back party orchestrated by her mother, Jacqueline — who doesn't recognize how this could be a triggering situation for Cole.

In other cases, female two spirits were referred to with a distinct term and, therefore, constituted a fourth gender.

Although there were important variations in two-spirit roles across North america, they share a some common traits: .

Jessie Kahnweiler is a You Tube star with a bold personality — so bold that in the beginning of this series, the viewer's first glimpse of her is Kahnweiler trying to get arrested during a parade.

We meet the character Jessie as she preps her apartment to pick up her boyfriend, Cole, from rehab.

Luckily for the environment, people still using the faucet, as is evidenced by the number of stainless-steel S’well canteens your colleagues are carrying around in place of plastic bottles.

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We can attribute the demand in part to the wellness boom — the same New Yorkers putting grass-fed butter in their coffee also want perfectly p H-adjusted water to drink after sound-bath class.

Even for Margaret Atwood, an author who's been known to expound at length on her love of wicked female characters -- "women," as she says, "have more to them than virtue" -- the chief female antagonist of The Handmaid's Tale is singularly disturbing.

She's an enemy, not of any particular woman, but of women as a whole....

At the same time, there’s heightened speculation about drinking from the tap: The crisis in Flint, Michigan, brought lead contamination to the forefront, and while we used to think that the fluoride in our New York City water was a good thing (at least for our teeth), the Department of Health and Human Services recently cut almost in half the maximum allowable amount of fluoride in drinking water; the latest research suggests it could be responsible for thyroid problems and ADHD.

Whatever the cause, your bottled-water options — not so long ago limited to spring or distilled, with the occasional exotic “artesian” — have expanded to include all sorts of new subdivisions, from the alkaline to the volcanic-rock-processed to the ever-more-fancy naturally sparkling mineral waters, which have doubled in sales in recent years and are fetishized by a new breed of restaurant professional known as the “water sommelier” (he’ll be quick to tell you the dense minerality of Vichy Catalan pairs well with a steak).